An urgent care physician is a health provider who offers help at an urgent care clinic. These professionals do not need an appointment and offer treatment at an outpatient facility. An urgent care clinic is an alternative to an emergency room because it caters to non-severe ailments. A primary or acute care physician is a must-have because they guide you through your overwhelming array of unfamiliar health care. They recommend what you need to live a healthy life. There are several reasons why you need an urgent care physician, and these are;

They Regulate Your Health

Our primary care physician is always there when you are feeling sick. They are there to ensure you are always healthy. These professionals regularly check for severe chronic ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Managing Chronic Ailments

More chronic ailments are the leading cause of disability and deaths Worldwide. Most chronic ailments are diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and COPD. With the help of our urgent care physician, you will get to live a healthier life and control these conditions.

They Establish a Medical Home

Having a medical home means you have a person to turn on when you are suffering from an acute ailment. It also means you have somewhere to go whether you require a prescription refill or a physical. The main thing about having a medical home is that the physician will be able to manage your health throughout the years. They will as well look for trends and any underlying health issues. Which will help ensure that your healthcare treatment plans are working and on the right track.

Offer Access to Specialists

Our primary care physicians can offer you easy access and referrals to a wide variety of specialists, including neurologists, oncologists, and others. Also, they work with these specialists to ensure you have the care you need.

Lowering Your Health Care Costs

Having a primary care physician helps in lowering your health care costs. Each year a primary care physician orders blood work to check the blood sugar, cholesterol, and other essential aspects of your health. Regular screenings will help detect health issues like cancer before advancing, which is easy to treat.

Fewer Hospital Visits

Having urgent or primary care helps you have fewer hospital visits. If you lack a primary care physician, you might wait long to see the doctor when the symptoms emerge. The delays can often be severe when it comes to ailments.


Having an excellent urgent care physician is critical. The relationship between you and our urgent care doctor is essential. Therefore, before settling for an urgent care physician, conducting proper research on them is necessary. When to visit our primary care physician will vary based on age and health condition. The minimum time to see a physician is at least once or twice a year for physical and any health screening you might need. Contact our primary care doctor at North Hills urgent care whenever you have questions regarding your treatment or medical issues.