It's the middle of the night, and your two-year-old has a fever. You know you could wait until morning to take her to the doctor, but given how contagious fevers are in young children, you're worried about keeping her at home. Or it's an hour before your shift at work is supposed to end, and you can't imagine dealing with an upset stomach all day. You should avoid driving across town or state lines again. Here are some significant benefits of urgent care clinics.

1. Quick Care When You Need It

If your child has a fever or flu symptoms and needs treatment immediately, urgent care centers can provide quick results so that he can feel better faster! Urgent care granada hills clinic is open during regular business hours, so they're available when an emergency strikes. They usually have shorter wait times than hospitals or clinics because there's no long list of patients waiting for help behind closed doors.

2. Less Expensive Than An ER Visit

If you can pay out-of-pocket medical expenses rather than through insurance, you can save a lot by going to urgent care instead of the ER. Urgent care centers are less expensive than emergency rooms. The average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,233, but the same visit to urgent care costs about $368. Insurance plans cover not all urgent care—but many are! If you're worried that your insurance won't cover an urgent care visit, check with your provider before paying cash at the front desk.

3. No Appointment Is Needed

If you've ever been to a doctor's office or urgent care facility, you know there's usually some wait time before you can see the doctor. This is especially true if it's dinnertime or right around lunchtime. However, with a walk-in clinic that offers same-day appointments, this isn't an issue—you can be seen at your convenience without having to make an appointment ahead of time.

4. Treats Common Illnesses And Injuries

Urgent care is the perfect place to go when you need a fast and convenient way to treat your common illnesses and injuries. Urgent care centers are usually open on weekends and after regular business hours, so they're often more accessible than a traditional doctor's office. They also offer extended hours, so there's no need to wait until the morning if you suffer from a stomach bug or personal injury during off hours.

5. Has On-Site X-Rays And Lab Testing

Imaging. X-rays are a common way to diagnose a broken bone, and they can also be used to look for other injuries like sprains or strains. Lab tests are another way to test for these types of injuries and more severe conditions such as concussions. If you have an injury, it's always best to ask if your doctor has access to imaging equipment on-site—especially if you're concerned about anything more than a sprain or strain. When doctors need specific tools that aren't available at urgent care clinics, they'll often refer patients elsewhere for tests that require special equipment and expertise.

6. Most Insurance Is Accepted.

If you've ever had to pay for medical care out-of-pocket, you know how quickly the bills add up. Urgent care centers can help cut costs by providing a cheaper alternative to a regular doctor's office visit. Just make sure that your insurance provider covers urgent care before visiting one! If your insurance doesn't cover urgent care centers, consider going instead of paying the total price at an emergency room.

7. Open After Hours And On Weekends.

Urgent care centers are open after hours and on weekends. You never know when a freak accident or sudden illness will strike, so it's always wise to have an urgent care clinic in your area that is available 24/7. For example, if you're walking with your dog and run into the street to chase a squirrel. And get hit by a car right in front of you. You could also get injured! If this happens on a weekend or holiday, chances are good that most regular doctors' offices will be closed. But a granada hills urgent care clinic would still be open in an emergency like this one.

8. Urgent Care Centers Have A Lot To Offer.

Urgent care centers are a great alternative to the emergency room. They are open after hours, and on weekends, so you don't have to wait until Monday to see a doctor. Urgent care centers also treat common illnesses and injuries, like sprains and strains, cuts and burns, stomach viruses, or sore throats. If you're unsure whether your symptoms require an urgent visit or can be treated by your regular physician during their office hours, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my symptoms getting worse?
  • Is there any reason I might need medical attention immediately (a severe injury or illness)?
  • Do I feel comfortable waiting several days for treatment?


If you're feeling sick or injured, urgent care is an excellent option for getting treatment. It can be less expensive than going to the ER, and you don't need an appointment. Plus, it's open after hours, and on weekends, so you don't have to miss work or school during these times of need.